Grant Writing

Are you looking for funding? Are you a non-profit? If so, you can apply for money, or what’s called a grant, from Foundations and/or companies that support your non-profit cause. But filling out the grant application is the easiest individual task you will perform when implementing a grant strategy.

Prior to applying for a grant the non-profit wanting funding will need to first get their house in order as every Foundation or funding company will want reams of information including several years of financials, documentation of fund raising events previously held and the specific projects on which the monies granted will be used.

And that’s just the beginning. I’ve been through the application process numerous times and know how to find funding sources for specific causes, how to best word the actual grant application and what else to do in order to provide the best chance for success.

Contact me and I can discuss your specific situation and see how I can help.

Chuck Lee, 314-791-3564,