Employee Involvement

As companies grow and add team members, Managers and Owners often lose direct control over their front line employee actions and behaviors. And while expanding a business, leaders usually don’t communicate with their people as frequently as they should and lose that personal touch. The key to keeping these lines of communication open, free and clear is all-employee involvement. Are the employees measured on a regular basis, is that performance measured at the individual, team or company level and is it communicated by the correct person in the proper context?

The development of an employment involvement system is critical to gaining employee buy-in, commitment and participation. This effort can focus on one area; like safety, quality, productivity, training et. al.; or the entire company’s overall performance. It usually depends on where management perceives improvements can be made and what efforts have been tried in the past.

I have helped numerous companies design, implement and communicate a wide variety of performance improvement strategies.

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